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Gift of a poem


I’ve been gifted a poem by my talented friend Mr. Roy Canty in honour of the India trip, so here it is for your personal enjoyment. I shall have to find it a place of honour in my fundraising materials…maybe a book of collective work from different sources perhaps? There’s an idea!


Hero for India


We send no more Imperial cannons

And play no more games of little boy soldiers

Just one woman who cuts through the tea fields

With a vivacious and relentless heart

And how she shimmers and how she glimmers

As she cuts the first path through the tea fields


Saving the world one country at a time

And without a gun caressing her side

She will smash the windows and break down the doors

To free us from ignorance, hate and pain

Where a man raises his fist for nothing

She will smash the windows and break down the doors


And with all the gods held inside her hands

She will take down the bastards and demons

And she will rise above the rest of us

Above the Taj Mahal and kings and queens

While mad men stumble around in power

She will rise above us to the challenge