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Fundraising Target


So I got a letter in the post on Friday from the village parish council, saying that they wanted to sponsor me with £50! I’m so happy! That equates to nearly 6 months of anti-malarials, or 1/6 of my visa. I didn’t expect such a quick response, having only sent a request to them the week before. Following on from this success I’ve now just finished another application to my regional council, which would make a massive difference to my fundraising target if I got it as their standard amount to give to individuals is £500.

This also made me think perhaps I should let more people know what the money is actually going towards, and the sort of target I’m aiming for. Obviously I’m hoping to fund as much as possible from my own pocket, but unfortunately minimum wage waitressing/betting assistant/mystery shopper/avon sales rep/busker just doesn’t cut it in the savings stakes. So here, for you perusal, is my budget for the year:

Item Total cost
Return flight London-Bangalore £500
Employment visa (working unpaid with a charity) £310
Anti-malarials (12 months) £120
Travel insurance (12 months) £450
Accommodation (12 months) £2000
Living costs (est. £30/week) £1560
10% contingency £494
Total project cost £5434

…about £5400, which is cheaper than you can live on in the UK for a year.



So I got my first proper sponsor this week from a local business, who gave me a £25 voucher and invited me to come and take donations at a talk they have set up in September – fantastic! I just wish more  businesses would respond so positively. I’m planning to use that voucher as a raffle prize…just need to set up an event where I can sell it. All ideas welcome!

I’ve also been trying to set up links with some primary/secondary schools in the area to do talks with the pupils. I was thinking around the subject of human rights, but to be honest, at the moment, I don’t really know what I’m talking about. It would be better to raise awareness when I return, but some interest is better than no interest.

Having now started working (properly) I’m also permanently tired and mentally frazzled, so printing off a pristine to-do list has been about the only step forward for the coming week. I’m going to be tough on myself, despite working every day over the next 7 days, and force myself to achieve certain tasks. First stop, the local parish council!