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“The UK has a productive relationship with Israel”: Johnathan Lord MP


Now I’ve become increasingly angry about the recent developments in Gaza. I started off knowing very little about the situation between Palestine and Israel, and have only gained more awareness because of the recent violence and consequently reading around it. And what I have learned shocks and horrifies me.

I’ve tried protesting in London – that didn’t work. I’ve signed petitions to David Cameron, to global corporates – they didn’t work. I’ve boycotted Israeli products and companies invested in Israel as best I can. It still doesn’t seem to have worked.

And so I emailed my local MP, Johnathan Lord, through an online petition.

I’ll let you read his  reply, my email in return, and his second letter – not even hand-signed I’d like to add – here, and you can make your own judgement on his responses.


John Lord MP letter1


Dear Johnathan Lord MP,

Thank you for your letter dated 21st July replying to my initial contact re  the Gaza crisis.

I’m disappointed to see that you echo David Cameron’s sympathy with Israeli propaganda for what is, as made increasingly clear by independent media sources and those within Gaza, a civilian slaughter.

As the Guardian’s Seamus Milne argued at London’s protest march on Saturday 9th August:
“Israel is in illegal occupation of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Israel has no right to defend itself from territories it occupies. It only has an obligation to withdraw.”

Regardless of the political motives of each side, the disproportionate force used by Israel against the population of Gaza should not remain unchallenged by the British Government. As you yourself stated, ‘security operations’ should be conducted with proportionality; if Gaza’s rocket firing is ‘unacceptable’ then Israel’s continued and purposeful targeting of refugees sheltering in UN schools, children playing on beaches, families gathered in homes, and ambulances treating the wounded are not just War Crimes, they are an affront to humanity.

I ask you, as my representative to parliament, as a human being, to call on the British Government to act immediately. Silence is complicity. International pressure is mounting and yet David Cameron continues to support the murder of almost 2000 innocents, over 400 of them children!

I ask you to call on the British Government to support:

  • An immediate and permanent lifting of the blockade of Gaza, allowing free movement of people, goods and humanitarian aid.
  • An end to the arms trade and all military-industrial collaboration with Israel.
  • Sanctions against Israel until they abide by international and human rights law.

I look forward to your reply.

Kind Regards,

Abigail Rowlands

John Lord MP letter2 John Lord MP letter3