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Busy, busy, busy


Phew! The last couple of days have been a bit manic. I finally gave myself a kick up the bum and printed out a  sack-full of sponsorship letters, and went round to almost every shop in my local town. Despite practising what I wanted to say before going in it didn’t make it any less nerve-wracking, and nor did it get easier even after the 50th one.

I had plenty of positive responses though, and a fantastic offer from one local business to put on an evening at their shop, where 10% of all profits made on the night would go towards my cause. Fantastic! Where can I find more people like this?!

I’ve also been trawling the internet for grant opportunities. Unfortunately the Royal Geographical Society only funds independent research, and not work affiliated to NGOs, and most other trust funds don’t sponsor individuals. I shall keep trying however!

In addition to this, I’ve made my list of people to contact to spread the word in the community, so that when I return I can raise awareness of human rights issues and have some positive local impact (hopefully). Brownies, guides, scouts, youth clubs, schools, women’s institute, the local amnesty international group…any more and I think I shall explode. If it all works out though I should have a great base for some human rights advocacy work.

Lastly, I got the job I applied for, so will soon have zero time (hence the sudden rush to get my fundraising organised) but a happy increase in monies. 🙂