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Al Jazeera’s Report on Kamlaris


I wanted to share this video as it’s an eye-opening piece on the injustice being done to young girls in Nepal, to this day. Please share with others.

Gram Vikas: Clean Water Breaks Down Barriers


Going to join in with this!

Girls' Globe

Walking through villages in Northeast India, I was astounded and dismayed by the devastating impact of the water and sanitation crisis. My path quickly became a Indian woman’s journey as I walked miles to the nearest water source. Shallow and open contaminated wells awaited me at the end of the trek. I sat and listened to women describe their need for clean water and desire to have proper sanitation facilities.

Gram Vikas-Woman cleaning the toilet roomMy mission to empower women to gain access to clean water and proper sanitation took me to the rural and poor state of Orissa. What I discovered was something remarkable. Clean water was flowing freely from taps in people’s homes, women were bathing their children in well-built bath houses and children from different castes were playing together outside. Men and women were sitting together in community meetings discussing water and sanitation, economic growth and trade for their community.

In reality, many…

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