First Post


I decided to start this blog to mark my oncoming trip to India. This will be the space for my thoughts, ideas and travel adventures whilst I am away. I will be volunteering with an organisation called SICHREM (South Indian Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring), who I was placed with through 2WayDevelopment (an interim organisation). I have yet to find out my specific job role, but I’ll be spending a year, starting from January-ish, in Bangalore. Can’t wait!! I’ve just been looking at their website ( and they look like they really know what they’re doing.

It’s really difficult to know what sort of role that you’d be more comfortable in, having never really properly worked in a charity before, but I think doing research on the issues they look at will be perfect. Even just scanning through their programmes page, I’m already wanting to learn more about the problems faced by the groups they mention – dalits, tribals, women, children.

Anyway, this isn’t meant to be a long post, just an introduction. Watch this space for updates before I go. I’ll be mostly working hard to fundraise towards the cost of getting out there.


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